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紡織/皮革 [2000條. 頁碼 1/100]    

[US] [1174922] 美國求購促銷旗幟橫幅(John Rovelson Abarra) (08-17)
  Please contact me via my company email. I am interested in your flags to replace our domestic manufacturer.
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相關買家: 促銷旗幟; 橫幅; John Rovelson Abarra;
[IL] [1174917] 以色列求購女性緊身胸衣腰部訓練器(waist trainer for women corset) (08-17)
  I would like to order samples of your black Waist Trainer Women Latex Breasted Hip Lift Waist Trainer Shaper Colombian Waist Trainer2 in 2XL5 in 3 XL2 in 4XL2 in 5XL1 in 6 XLwanted to know if it's p...
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相關買家: 女性緊身胸衣; 腰部訓練器; waist trainer; women corset;
[US] [1174911] [有圖]美國求購拳擊手套(MMA Boxing Gloves) (08-17)
  Can you make kids and adult sizes ? Also what would it cost to ship 100 pair of gloves? to zip code 73099 Please email your response to
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相關買家: 拳擊手套; MMA Boxing Gloves;
[US] [1174907] [有圖]美國求購化妝包與化妝盒(makeup bag) (08-17)
  Good morning,Can you please send us a sample with our logo on it? We are located in Birmingham, Michigan in the United States. We would want a white medium bag with our logo on it. Thank you
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相關買家: 化妝包; 化妝盒; makeup bag;
[UK] [1174906] [有圖]英國求購高爾夫球袋(golf drawstring valuables pouch) (08-17)
  Color:brown/black Material:PU leather Size:20*16*1 cm Style:Easier Weight:70 g Usage:golf Name:Hot key words:golf drawstring pouch Looking for either logo to be used.
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相關買家: 高爾夫球袋; golf drawstring valuables pouch;
[CR] [1174853] [有圖]哥斯達黎加求購沙灘巾(100% Cotton Towel Poncho) (08-17)
  We would like this on blues. Can you also print our logo on it? Can we get a sample first? What is the shipping cost? What is the best price you can offer? How long will it take to ship to my country?
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 沙灘巾; Towel Poncho;
[AE] [1174835] 阿聯酋求購保溫袋(cooler bag) (08-17)
  hi we are interested with your cooler bag.can you customize the bag for our company with the logo in the back side ,so we can put poster while a delivery man walking a, and the pedestrians can our log...
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 保溫袋; cooler bag;
[TH] [1174827] [有圖]泰國求購黃麻袋(jute bags for grains/agriculture) (08-17)
  Dear Sir,MrsWe have received an important order for jute grain-agricultural bags.Our end buyer's LOI herebelow for your reference .Kindly quote us 20,000,000 jute bags a year CIF ABIDJAN,IVORY COA...
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 麻袋; jute bags;
[VN] [1174824] 越南求購滴針織物(drop stitch fabric) (08-16)
  Hi Max,I'm looking for drop stitch fabric used for making surfing board and the glue used for it as well. Could you please quote me the price including shipping cost to Danang City, Vietnam?Thank you ...
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 滴針織物; drop stitch fabric;
[PK] [1174808] 巴基斯坦求購沙灘毛巾(beach towel) (08-16)
  Dear, We are looking For beach towel, the quality we are looking for is 250gsm, microfiber, 80% polyester + 20% polyamide. We'll order about 10 designs X 2 sizes X 3000pieces = 60,000pieces in total....
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 沙灘毛巾; beach towel;
[UK] [1174801] 英國求購足球鞋(Men Soccer Cleats) (08-16)
  Please send you offer for best price for the below to email. pairs size 4424 pairs size 4315 pairs size 426 pairs size 41
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 足球鞋; Men Soccer Cleats;
[IN] [1174784] 印度求購防電磁輻射織物(anti-radiation fabric) (08-16)
  I am looking for samples of anti-radiation fabric and similar material for .
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 防電磁輻射織物; anti-radiation fabric;
[PE] [1174776] 秘魯求購各類橫幅(BANNER) (08-16)
  Hello, I saw your profile and want to buy banner, can ypu contact me please, my email is , my phone number , I am from PERU.Best Regards.
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 橫幅; BANNER;
[NL] [1174770] 荷蘭求購包裹飄帶(wrapped streamers) (08-16)
  Can you make 3 serpetines in a bag with color red white yellow?You can contact me on
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
[US] [1174745] [有圖]美國求購聚酯繩(lanyards) (08-16)
  Hello we are requesting 200 lanyards we would like them to be a white with the *** logo. If we could do alternating logo and the words "Medfield Alumni" that would be great.
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 聚酯繩; lanyards;
[UK] [1174677] [有圖]英國求購化妝包(Cosmetic Bag with Dependable Metal Zippers) (08-15)
  Hi, I am after 1000 Green Branded 16oz pouch for my skincare brand - bazandcoskincare.com. Can you help?Thanks, James
本信息還可被瀏覽: ++
相關買家: 化妝包; Cosmetic Bag;
[BH] [1174668] 巴林求購安全鞋(safety black shose) (08-15)
  Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to order 1000 pieces from this safety black shose as per the following sizes :size 41 : 100 pieces size 42: 150 pieces size 43 : 200 pieces size 44 : 200 pieces size 45 :...
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 安全鞋; safety black shose;
[US] [1174667] 美國求購馬衣(Horse Fly Sheet with Belly Flap) (08-15)
  Is it possible to get a sample of this in a size 76' ?Thank you,Pat Colosimo
本信息還可被瀏覽: +++
相關買家: 馬衣; Horse Fly Sheet;
[US] [1174665] 美國求購廚房毛巾(Kitchen Towels) (08-15)
  Hello,I am seeking out a towel manufacture to construct our magnetic towel design. We currently sell 8-10k towels per month. Our manufacturing operation is currently in CN and we are weary of the cl...
本信息還可被瀏覽: ++
相關買家: 廚房毛巾; Kitchen Towels;
[AU] [1174644] [有圖]澳大利亞求購棉布袋(Cotton Carry Bag) (08-15)
  Hi,I'm interested in this product. I am looking for bags around 12x10cm with my logo printed on it. can you please send me a quote.
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相關買家: 棉布袋; Cotton Carry Bag;
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